Sun Tzu

-Sun Tzu, born in 544 B.C and died in 496 B.C, is a well-known military commander. He is not the toughest commander throughout the history, but he is the smartest ever. He served for the Wu kingdom back in ancient China. Sun Tzu's strategy is always using the less energy and material to gain the greatest among of region. The Act of War is written by Sun Tzu, which is well-known and well-spread. Throughout the history, the one who follow the Act of War is always winner. Even nowadays, many countries use the Act of War to train their armies. On the other hand, companies would use the Act of War to compete with each others.

The Act of War

  1. Laying Plans - The Moral Law, heaven, earth, the commander, and method and discipline, are the major idea of laying plans. A commander should knows the environment and the weather, in order to have a bigger chance to win the war.
  2. Waging War - It is a teaching of how to prepare and manage the army. Food and money for your solders are necessary, because the solders are the key of winning.
  3. Attack by Stratagem - Using smart method, the commander can win the war easily. First, is time. Second, is knowing when to fight or not. Third, knows how to handle both superior and interior forces
  4. Tactical Dispositions - commander want to fight from the upper side.
  5. Energy - a good commander knows how strong their forces are, in order to decide where to fight.
  6. Weak Points and Strong - always fake your enemy, makes them cannot pretend your movement
  7. Maneuvering - engaging the force
  8. Variation of Tactics - the nine variations, always switches the plan
  9. The Army on the March - method of moving the force, in order to gain a better position to fight
  10. Terrain - knowing the environment
  11. The Attack by Fire - calculate the wind and use fire to destroy your enemies.
  12. The Use of Spies - decide the group to attack. The use of smartness.