Monkey is born from a stone, which makes him much different than any other monkeys. Through many different teaching and practicing Monkey becomes immortal. He is the leader of the fruit mountain, who brings his group of monkeys ruins different place and heaven. No one can control this aggressive Monkey, expect the Buddha. Monkey King is punished to stay under the mountain for thousands years to wait for Tripitaka, who is the chosen one to get the holy book in the west. He has a team with Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy. Even though three of them has a bad background, after the journey they all grown up. After ninety nine calamities, they successfully get the holy book to the Buddha. Their team is rewarded by the Buddha by giving different jobs and ranks.

Major Characters

Monkey King

Monkey is the major character in the story. He has many different magical abilities, which brings him troubles all the time. Since he is such a good and almost unbeatable fighter, Monkey has no fear of anyone. Ruining the heaven, Monkey angers the emperor and the Buddha. The Buddha challenges him if he can escape from his hand, he can be free. But he lost, then the Buddha put him under a mountain until Tripitaka comes. Monkey follow Tripitaka to the journey to the west. Finally, their team succeed and Monkey changed a lot through the lessons he took in the journey.


Pigsy is one of the teammate with Monkey in the journey, who has punished by the emperor, because of his misbehavior in heaven. However, in the journey Pigsy corroborates with Monkey, Sandy, and Tripitaka to achieve their goal.


Sandy has a similar situation as Pigsy. He is punished by the emperor, because of his misbehavior in heaven. But since he work so hard to carry stuff for Tripitaka throughout the journey, the emperor reward and gives him a rank at the end of the story.


Tripitaka is the chosen one to go to the west for the holy book. The emperor and the Buddha want believe Tripitaka has the ability to conquer those obstacle for their holy book. He leads Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy to the west. Even though they has many difficulty in their journey, Tripitaka unites three of them to finish the journey.

The Buddha

The Buddha is the greatest and the most powerful god in the story. No can control Monkey King, expect him. The Buddha punishes Monkey under a mountain for thousands years to remark his poor behaviors. However, the Buddha gives a chance to Monkey to correct himself. He makes Monkey to follow Tripitaka, which finally makes Monkey grow up.